Thursday, April 7, 2016

OneRide expedition culminates with a bang

With 28 Royal Enfield Bikes, Royal Enfield flagged off its OneRide marquee event from Sarabhai Motors, Nehru Nagar, Ahmedabad on Sunday, April 03. The event assumed significance in the sense that it symbolizes the commencing of biking season in India.

Three pillion riders too were there, including two females in the pivotal event, the once in a year affair.

Covering around 180 Km, traversing via sophisticated highways to narrow streets of traditional hamlet to far-flung interiors, the team reached the biker’s delight – the little Rann of Kutch.

Treat to watch 

Twenty eight bikes heading in a group radiated a wonderful landscape, a biker’s delight. Many of the bikers were donning top safety gears, a must for a long drive like this. Couple of bikers with passion for biking were completely immersed in intense biking fever. It appears as if for them biking was everything and the only thing. Modified bikes with tradition beating style became the hot favourite among the spectators.                

The Vachchna Dada Temple

Exploration to the Rann brought forth a historic temple, ‘Vachchna Dada’. Not many in India are acquainted with the story behind the temple. Legends articulate, during the Mughal era, an army of soldier invaded villages to capture cows for slaughtering. Vachchna, a native of the area plunged into the battle with the army and sacrificed his life. His sacrifice compelled the army to leave the place empty handed. For his selfless service, natives started paying obeisance at the place, where he died. Inside the temple premises, cow shelters are there with space for hundreds of cows.

The ‘Vachchna Dada’ temple’s rich, unsung heritage was an eye-opener for the curios riders. None of us had ever visited the site in the past. 


After exploring the treasure of The ‘Vachchna Dada’, the group headed towards the state capital – Gandhinagar. While making a U-turn, one of our team members, a Canadian suffered minor injuries as he failed to negotiate the terrible sand. Fortunately nothing serious happened. Here it’s imperative to mention – the entire team stood with the Canadian, enabled him in first-aid and left only when he was able to drive.         

With the objective to make the event memorable, the excited bunch of Royal Enfield bikers did plantation at an orphanage.   

Appreciating the initiative by Royal Enfield, Gaurav Bishnoi, a bike enthusiast, working with a leading company said: “Such events play a critical role in developing adventure personality. I guess, we should make efforts in encouraging the youth to participate in these kind of expedition.”

I dedicate this swashbuckling expedition to the ‘Dignity of Women’, one of the missions of my life. Let’s together make endeavours to ‘Stop atrocities against Women’.     

Couple of senior executives from Royal Enfield were also there with the group to guide the group as a mentor. If you ask me, it was an amazing experience with lessons galore to learn. One could be – team bonding.        

Sunday, April 3, 2016

An open letter to PM Modi’s haters

At the outset, it’s pivotal to mention an adage by the legendary Chanakya, an epitome of wisdom and erudity: “When educated, intellectuals start hating you, strive to pull you down, it shows, you are on a veracious path.” This adage speaks volume. 

PM Narendra Modi’s government is encountering a malicious propaganda against his scintillating regime right from the beginning. Reasons are obvious and galore too. I'm making honest endeavor to capture a few though they are in abundance:     

A chaiwalaa PM

Congress stooges, left backers, AAP nerds never in their wild dreams thought, one fine day, a boy from a humble background will rule the incredible India. Many of these nerds are from financially sound heritage. They don’t deserve where they are now, Rahul Gandhi, Kapil Sibbal, P. Chidambaram, Arvind Kejriwal and Sitaram Yechury to name a few. Many of these hypocrites simply living on the legacy of their forefathers. Some are alumni of leading institutes. For them it’s embarrassing to assume somebody, a son of a tea vendor reigning the nation as PM, the most sought after designation in political corridors.

Non-issues being made issues

Under the stupendous leadership of PM Modi, India has been able to carve an aura in the international arena. Growth oriented policies like Make In India, Digital India, Skill India and Startup India are rendering stimulus to Indian economy.  World economy demonstrating downturn, while Indian economy reflects upward trajectory. Opposition, anti Modi media outlets, writers, actors and directors have nothing to disgrace the PM Modi. They are coming out with malicious campaigns. It’s all manufactured, fabricated to create a vicious environment.

Manufactured Award Wapsi

During the Bihar election, a new word, ‘Award Wapsi/ Return Award’ came into existence, coined by Congress’s stooges and sycophants. Irony was – Nehru’s kin, Nayantara Sehgal was one of the pioneers. Many other writers jumped in the campaign. Just wanted to ask these sycophants of Congress and Left, where were they when Sikhs were butchered in 1984, where were they, when Kashmiri Pandits were compelled to migrate, oppressed in Kashmir, where were they, when Indira imposed emergency.


I want to make it clear – I don’t endorse any kind of communal violence, hatred. Ours is an incredible nation with accommodation for pluralism. However, votebank politics, minuscule psyche of certain leaders have resulted in communal violence. Nothing unprecedented occurred under the Modi led BJP Government, however, some so called intellectuals, writers, directors, actors and painters among others came out with a new, less heard word – ‘Intolerance’. Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Mahesh Bhatt to name a few have become synonymous to ‘Intolerance Brigade’ with only one agenda to digress the attention of public from the people centric policies being implemented by the Modi government.

I want to ask these so called intelligent, where were they when Kashmiri Pandit’s were ruthlessly oppressed, crushed and forced to leave their own homeland.


Hypocrisy of Modi haters continues incessantly. And why not, they are short of any substantial issue to cast aspersion on the Modi led NDA Government. On the death anniversary of parliament attack perpetrator, Afzal Guru, some students organized a martyr march, chanting anti-India slogans. Kanhaiya Kumar, Anirbaan Bhatacharya and Omar Khalid along with some other students were clearly seen in videos captured, indulging in anti-national activities. Here also Congress’s drama king, Rahul Gandhi, anarchist, Arvind Kejriwal, self glorifed people like Yechury, Rajdeep and Barkha jumped, supporting indefendable. Traitors are being made heroes. Shame on their wisdom!!!

In the last, 22 months of rule, Modi’s Govt. has done fabulous job, way ahead of his predecessors like Manmohan Singh, the ‘Yes’ man of Congress, remotely controlled by Rahul and his mother Sonia.     

Major achievements of Modi being undermined:

India’s GDP growing at a substantial rate - 7.5%.
Inflation gone down – hovering between 3 and 5 percent.
Foreign direct investment has increased by 24% in Calendar year 2015-16
India’s Industrial Production (IIP) rose 9.8 percent year-on-year in October 2015, the fastest pace since October 2010. 
89 Lakh Toilets have been built in rural areas
Corruption at highest levels reduced.
Skill Development to create skilled workforce.
Startup India to render fillip to innovation and newage entrepreneurs.
Beti Bachao – to check the depleting sex ratio.

Modi haters don’t have any concrete issue to tarnish the image of impeccable Narendra Modi. They are running paid campaigns being funded by missionaries, anti-BJP, ant-Modi corporates, media outlets. Their only agenda is to tarnish the image of visionary PM Modi and digress the attention of general public from the exemplary development happening under him. Modi haters, time has gone, when handful of sycophants, nepotists, corrupts, scoundrels used to dictate terms, hijack Indian citizens. Shame on these self-declared intelligentsia.       

With regards, 

Rajiv Azad

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

Workshop on gender atrocities at Kendriya Hindi Sanstha, Agra

Great experience at the Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, Agra!!!

As a researcher, writer, social activist, I believe awareness and sensitization is the key to stop crime against women. Workshop on crime against women is a small step in this regard, focusing on: 

· Gender discrimination. 
· Crime and atrocities against women. 
· Ramification of gender discrimination. 
· How to scuttle the menace. 

My objective is to bring out grave facts about gender discrimination/ atrocities in India in public domain, hoping the initiative will alter the attitude about women/girl child in society. 

I am doing research on gender discrimination since the last couple of years. Have written many article on pivotal issues. A book dedicated to the victims of gender discrimination, “Gender Discrimination: An Indian Perspective” is a modest attempt from my end to curb crime against women. 

Donated my dream book, "Gender Discrimination: An Indian Perspective" to the institute. 

Heartfelt thanks to Dr. CK Tripathi, Registrar, Kendriya Hindi Sansthan for endorsing our request to conduct workshop on grave issues pertaining to women. 

I'm grateful to Dr. Bharat Pamar, and Dr. Rawat for enlightening us. 

Special thanks to Dr. Anand Rai, and Shri. Arun Mishra for their invaluable support. 

I would also like to express gratitude to Abhishek Sisodiya, and Mayank Upadhayaya for their support. 

With rgards, 

Rajiv Azad, Writer and Life Coach

Monday, November 3, 2014

Gifted my dream book dedicated to the victims of gender atrocities to Milind Soman

An open letter to Hon. PM Narendra Modi on Agra’s Defence Colony issue

Dear Hon. PM Narendrabhai Modi ji:

Jai Hind!!! Namashkar!!!

With deep pain I’m penning down this letter, expecting it will salvage the residents of Defence Colony from the torture, harassment of Indian Army based out of Agra Cantt.


Let me first acquaint you with the Defence Colony. This residential colony came into existence in around 1960 inside the land that falls under the premises of Agra Cantt, owned by the farmers of hamlets of Sohalla and Chawali. These villages are in existence since decades, generations.  

The essence behind the conceptualization of Defence Colony was – to provide residential space to serving and retired Army personnel, enabling them in accessing government benefits, including CSD Canteen facility and Medical facility, also to enable their children in gaining education from Central and Army School.    

Sir, as per record about 90% of house owners out of 1000 in Defence Colony hail from Army background. These are the people who have served the mother land, donning the olive green uniform. Many of the retired personnel have encountered the wars of 1962 with China, 1965 and 1971 with Pakistan and 1999 Kargil. The legacy doesn’t end here – there are many families whose new generation too has joined the Indian Army.

There are around 50 Army officers in this colony, including Colonel and Major. Every year one or two boys join Indian Army as officers, while around five don the uniform as soldier. That clearly reflects the passion for army in Defence Colony.   


Everything was going peacefully in the colony till 2000, we used to head for market, school and college, hospital from two main roads, passing through Army units and residential buildings. Nobody had any objection.

Around the year 2000, certain Army officers came up with a plan, shutting down around seven paths, roads, passing through Army units and residential buildings, including the main two.  Army has created permanent walls dividing Defence Colony and Army area. This sort of dictatorial behavior of Indian Army is creating issues galore for the people of Defence Colony, including retired and serving army personnel and their children. Now to visit a market, hospital, we have to circumnavigate a long route. School children too are experiencing hard time. 

Hon. PM, why this injustice??? Why the retired army personnel of Defence Colony are being harassed, tortured in the name of security. May I humbly ask you – is the Indian Army of Agra feeling insecured from their former and existing colleagues? 

Sir, we are not terrorist, we are not criminal. We are proud citizens of this incredible India. This year you celebrated Diwali at Siachin Glacier with the Army personnel. It was a highly commendable step. I as a writer, son of a soldier appreciate that incredible gesture. In your address, you promised the personnel to help them in their grief and sorrow. Now, may I humbly request you to look into the grief and sorrow of Defence Colony. Think about the sacrifice these Army personnel have made for this incredible India.

Hon. PM Modi ji, I’m sure you will look into the issue. My heart bleeds for the Army personnel of Defence Colony, while writing this letter.

Jai Hind!!! Vande Matram!!!

Rajiv Azad