Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sanitation campaign at CN Academy, Ahmedabad

Monday, August 4, 2014

An open letter to Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar

Dear Sachin, you are a living legend!!! Like millions of Indians, I am a huge fan of yours. Pay you obeisance for being a motivational force for millions of Indians like me. Your feats are unparalleled.

The fact that I have mentioned you as one of the inspirational figures in my life in my dream book dedicated to the victims of gender discrimination, “Gender Discrimination: An Indian Perspective”,  endorses my respect for you. However, the writer in me who believes in ethical journalism is shaking my conscience since the last couple of months!!! Why?

I must tell the truth to the world, who worship you like an incarnation of god as a cricketer! Your conduct as a parliamentarian has really let me down and millions of your followers. This is the nation wherein cricket is considered as a religion and you are on a pedestal where not many freedom fighters, social activist, patriots, scientists can imagine to reach.

It’s the people of this nation, who took you to that level, the larger than life stature. Why should I deny the fact that you truly deserve that pedestal, respect!!!  

Many Indians worship you like god? Why not!!! Your achievements on the 22 yard pitch are insurmountable!!! You will keep on inspiring generations!!!  

Dear Sachin, as a parliamentarian your contribution is appalling!!! Why did you accept the proposal to enter the Parliament as an MP, if you can’t justify your worth!!! Are you conducting like many other parliamentarians, who make tall promises, deliver lengthy lectures but hardly practice what they preach?

As per Govt Guidelines for the MPLAD (Member of Parliament Local Area Development) fund, each member is entitled to carry out development worth Rs. 5 crore every year. Records indicate dismal picture about you. Really shameful!!! You haven’t spent even a single rupee from the Rs. 10 crore lying, rusting in your MPLAD account.

Sachin, are you so occupied, you don’t have time!!! I will never buy this argument!!! For endorsements, advertisements, you have ample time!!! You have really disappointed a blind fan like me and millions of other Indians with your conduct?

No need in wasting nation’s assets. It’s really embarrassing the temple of democracy is not driving you to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged Indians. That too when you don’t have to shell out any money from your pocket. If you can’t spend money allocated to you by the Govt of India, Bharat Ratna Sachin you are not fit for a parliamentarian.

I am writing this article with deep pain, agony, bleeding heart!!! If you can’t deliver as a parliamentarian, put down your paper.

Your FAN

Joined politics for the transformation of society: Inderjeet Arya, Mayor, Agra

Joined politics for the transformation of society: Inderjeet Arya, Mayor, Agra  

The Mayor of Agra, Inderjeet Arya is an epitome of courage, sacrifice and dedication. In a society wherein medieval caste based traditions, division, psyche still persist and adhered too, Arya’s rise from the extremely downtrodden Valmiki community to the Mayor of Agra speaks about the person. Excerpts of Rajiv Azad’s freewheeling, one-to-one conversation with the Mayor. 

Family background

Arya’s father was a fourth class government employee. Had to struggle day in day out to make both ends meet. Arya encountered many a hardship during his academic life, however, he was determined to excel in life and achieve glory for his family and Valmiki community, which is often either ignored or suppressed.

Life has never been a smooth ride 

Life has never been a smooth ride for Arya. For sustenance, he did many odd jobs, including salesman, and supplier of goods. He also had a brief stint as a police constable in PAC and as a PTI with a school (He was a wrestler during his academic time, played up to regional level).

Inspiration from Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar 

Dalit icon, Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar’s struggling, inspiring life had a great impact in shaping the life and personality of Arya. He shared one incident drawn from the life of Dr. Ambedkar. “Babasaheb was ostracized in school as he was from a Dalit community, and during that period considered as untouchable. Babasaheb used to sit under a tree in his school, away from his classmates”: says Arya.

Political sojourn

During his school days, Arya joined BJP and shouldered many a responsible position before becoming the mayor of Agra, including ward president, president SC unit and pradesh mantri. Besides, Arya has also contributed through Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh and Sewa Bharti. Why did he join politics? Arya says: “For me politics is a wonderful platform through which, we can play a significant role in transforming the lives of people, especially those hailing from the economically weaker sections of the society, including Dalits.         

Overcoming the caste based discrimination

The caste system is so very entrenched in our social fabric that to scuttle the menace, lot needs to be done. Awareness holds the key. Change in mindset of the people belonging to upper caste or swarn is required. Unless, they start thinking that Dalits are also integral part of the society, are very much identical to them, caste system and caste based discrimination can’t be overcome. Arya says: “I myself has gone through the caste based discrimination during my social and political life. Caste system is dividing our society. We need to overcome this shame and start living with harmony.”

Message to youth and those who hail from Dalit community

If you are determined, hardworking with noble thinking, you are certain to accomplish your cherished dreams.   

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gifted my dream book, Gender Discrimination: An Indian Perspective to Lt. Col GM Khan

I want to transform the lives of at least few underprivileged: Lt. Col. GM Khan

Not many can infer the pious, altruistic side beneath the olive green uniform of Lt. Colonel GM Khan. Generally it’s a perception that Army men are strict disciplinarian, ready to combat any eventuality be it encountering the enemy forces at the frontiers to save the mother land or reaching out to the victims of natural calamity. However, the truth remains, they are also human being like us, their heart too melts while coming across heart-wrenching stories.

Here I would like to capture the altruistic side of one such personnel from the Indian Army. Lt. Colonel Khan currently posted in Agra is an epitome of altruism. Through his altruistic acts, he is transforming many lives.      

When he was posted in J&K, he came across Parveen Bano, a beautiful girl with eyes fraught with dreams begging at the doorsteps of a mosque in Bandipur. Lt. Col Khan spoke with the girl and decided to transform her life.

For couple of years, he took the entire responsibility of Parveen, including school education. Under his mentorship, Parveen’s life took a sea change. A mere beggar struggling to make both ends meet, Parveen is now serving in the CISF, currently posted at the Mumbai Airport.

At a first glance, Shamima Akhtar looks like an any other next door girl with dreams to excel. Life wasn’t so beautiful for Shamima. She was begging at a mosque in Kashmir. Lt. Col. Khan spoke with her and decided to adopt her. Shamima’s inclination towards music drove Lt. Col. Khan to induct her into a music coaching centre. This girl, a beggar once is an emerging singer, has released two music albums-“Aap Ke Kareeb” and “Baadiyaan”. 

Both the girls attribute their success to Lt. Col Khan.  

I want to transform the lives of at least few underprivileged. Philanthropy renders me peace and tranquility,” said Lt. Col Khan when I asked him what drives him to do social service.

Hats off to you Lt. Col Khan for your sublime social service!!! Hope at least some people will draw inspiration from this thorough gentleman, a real officer!!!