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Rupantar is one of the flagship social initiatives of the Sri Aurobindo Society with the objective to target pivotal areas in Education combining innovative solutions and best of the breed technology to bring about a revolutionary transformation in the state education system. In order to impact and transform the Education system, five areas have been identified post the extensive research.

Strategic development in the focused five areas leads to evident transformation in government managed schools. Statistics in the outreach section corroborate the fact.  These comprise teacher empowerment, vision and insight development among government decision makers, leadership skills for education administration, management skills for principals, and last but not the least participation of school management committees (SMCs) that represent parents and the community.


Implementation brings forth crucial results, including up-skilling of teachers as master trainers, improved education delivery, enquiry-led learning environment, inclusive education, health education (sanitation and hygiene), career guidance for students, and technology enablement. Clearly reflects the essence of Rupantar!

Another highlight of the programme is – about 70% beneficiaries among the children hail from rural geography, thus playing a role in bridging the urban – rural skill gap. With the aim to impact Education system of UP, Rupantar programme’s implementation started in 2015 across 75 districts.  Results are there for all to see and ponder over. Engaging 4 lakh teachers and 1.7 lakh schools, Rupantar is now transforming the lives of more than 2 crore children of the state.

In the cutthroat market competition, holistic education has an extra edge. Rupantar encompasses fundamentals of holistic education that act as a building block in shaping the overall personality. That’s why; the programme has been a massive success with overwhelming response from all stakeholders.     
Litchi Knowledge Centre

Drawing inspiration from the legendary Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the all exclusive Litchi Knowledge Centre works in coordination with the leading government agencies, senior officials, institution and entrepreneurs among others to transform education system.    

Futuristic Plans - Innovation Centres of Excellence

Innovation Centres of Excellence has been instituted in Varanasi and Lucknow. The objective is to research and develop new innovative curricula, material and pedagogical models in consultation with the prominent educators, academicians, researchers from academic field.       


Focus is to establish an education system based on deeper human values. Inculcate the qualities of holistic learning among children, enabling them to be lifelong learners with peace and tranquility.
  • Harnessing the potential of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, develop scalable, sustainable solutions that can withstand changing ecosystem and its plethora of challenges.
  • Inclusive transformation empowering all stakeholders — the decision makers, principals, teachers, students and the parents.    
  • Targeting the highest impact areas across the system to improve quality and reach of education. 
  • No new layers; significantly improve effectiveness and efficiency of the existing resources and infrastructure.
  • Capacity building, inclusive and sustainable change.
  • A leap in the way Education issues have been approached so far — going beyond even the PPP model, government, nonprofits, corporates and volunteers working as one team.
  • Targeting the highest impact areas across the system to improve quality and reach of education. 
  • No new layers; significantly improve effectiveness and efficiency of the existing resources and infrastructure.
  • Capacity building, inclusive and sustainable change.
  • A leap in the way Education issues have been approached so far — going beyond even the PPP model, government, nonprofits, corporates and volunteers working as one team.
Working in unison with the stakeholders, the Rupantar initiative is transforming lives, spreading smiles!

Open letter to CM Yogi on meat ban

Open letter to CM Yogi on meat ban
Dear Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath:
Namaste! Jai Hind! Through this letter I would like to draw your attention on ban on meat.    
Sir, the month of March 2017 will be registered in the annals of BJP history as a breakthrough month for two reasons. First – for the first time BJP swept the pole in UP with thumping majority, winning 325 seats, second – a hermit, Yogi Adityanath became the Chief Minister of India’s politically significant state.
Your coronation did raise certain eyebrows, left many anguished, since the saffron clad hermit personality of yours has been known as Hindu hardliner for your radical views. I don’t endorse those views who evaluate a Chief Minister on past record. Not fair in anyway. What you do as a CM will be your new identity not your past.    
Man on Mission
Since assuming the most important office of UP, you are working like a man on a mission with dedication and devotion to transform UP. Many of the landmark policies, decision implemented for people welfare are receiving overwhelming response, support from the people of UP. However, couple of your decisions have also been controversial and reflect appeasement of a certain community, Sir. Your critics are terming such moves as anti Muslims. Rightly so.  
Beef Ban
Beef ban or meet ban that came into force the moment you assumed power has been criticized by Muslims since it’s badly affecting the life of people hailing from the community. This feeble argument of yours that only illegal butcheries, slaughter houses would be targeted doesn’t have many backers.
If illegal butcheries is the target then why not the Hon’ble Chief Minister eradicate illegal activities galore prevailing in UP. Illegal mining, liquor, educational institutes, and land encroachment to name a few should also be banned. Why target a certain religion in the name of illegality.
Vote Bank Politics       
Crackdown on illegal butcheries, meat shops was abrupt, taken in haste to please a certain community, that certain community has been traditional vote bank of BJP, the Hindu upper caste. Muslims of UP barring sporadic examples have never been BJP voters or supporters. BJP and its masters fully acquainted with the bitter truth. List of BJP candidates that fought the 2017 Assembly elections corroborates the fact – BJP didn’t even field a single candidate from Muslim community to fight elections in UP.                                             
Hundreds become unemployed
Without contemplating repercussion, just to consolidate its vote your government implemented beef ban. Hundreds of Muslims engaged in meet trade have now become unemployed. Unemployment is worse in UP, further deteriorated post the meat ban. Think about the families making both ends meet via the meet trade. All of a sudden, how they will generate employment, how their dependents will sustain.      
Statistics on Meat  
Statistics on meet report, UP is the largest producer of meat in India. The state contributes around 1/5th of the total meat produced in India. While it accounts for 43% of nation’s buffalo-meat exports.  Millions of Muslims depend on slaughter houses for livelihood; a sizable Hindu population also draws their livelihood from meat industry.       
Out of the 75 abattoirs registered with Agriculture and Processed Food Export Development Authority (APEDA), APEDA, 49 are in the state. Hundreds are functioning illegally.
I agree hundreds of abattoirs are functioning illegally in UP, however, targeting just one illegal activity casts aspersion on the policy. Revamping and streamlining of illegal slaughter houses should have been implemented prior to bulldozing.
Humbly request Hon’ble CM Yogi to strike a balance between policies and impact on people. Why should a policy target a certain community???
With regards,

Rajiv Azad   

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tech majors on acquisition spree

The ever altering global business dynamics are inspiring leading technology majors, including Google, Salesforce, Apple, Twitter, Dell, Oracle, Microsoft and Intel among others to plunge into acquisition spree to bolster their global position. The mutually beneficial strategic move enables the tech majors to expand their business footprints, acquire new technology. Planned keeping in focus business interests of the stake holders, the acquisition offers win-win proposition to the concerned enterprises.

Market trends in the sphere suggests, irrespective of turnover, competency, market size, enterprises are entering into alliance for acquisition. Reason may vary from enterprise to enterprise, for some; it’s for innovation, business expansion, while for some it could be to overcome market challenges.
Here are some of the prominent acquisition deals of 2016: 

Microsoft acquires Linkedin

Global IT software giant, Microsoft struck a whooping deal valued at $26.2 billion to acquire professional social media platform, Linkedin in June. It’s the biggest ever acquisition by the tech giant in its history till date. The deal received splendid response from the market; shares of the Linkedin witnessed a remarkable surge.         
Dell-EMC deal 

Hailed as the historic deal by the head honchos of both the companies, the mega acquisition was struck in September with valuation standing at $67 billion. The game changing deal would propel Dell into the important and constantly surging market of cloud computing.  
Verizon inks deal with Yahoo 

Globally acclaimed mobile media enterprise, Verizon acquired Yahoo in July. The deal that was  valued at $4.83 enables Verizon to leverage Yahoo’s core competency, including advertising, content, search and mobile activities to further its business objectives.   

The strategic acquisition allows Verizon, a telecom giant to diversify and strengthen its presence in media and advertising realms.             

 Avago acquires Broadcom

The month of February saw Avago Technologies buy Broadcom for $37 billion. By inking the acquisition deal, the rival chipmakers now command a formidable share in the wireless devices’ high surging global market. Since the last couple of months, top executives of both the enterprises have been engaged in hectic parleys to iron out differences and overcome gaps. Prior to this, Avago also acquired Emulex and LSI.     
In-addition, the other pivotal acquisitions of the year 2016 include Turi, an artificial intelligence startup by Apple ($200 million), MetaMind, a deep learning startup by Salesforce ($75 million), Itseez that develops computer vision algorithms and implementations for embedded and specialized hardware by Intel and Moodstock, a startup into image recognition technology  by Google.     
Experts view 
The reports on acquisitions and mergers in 2016 indicate that somewhere around 40 deals were struck in the technology sphere. Market experts on the subject absolutely lend their support for acquisition and merger. A well structured deal implemented cautiously with nut and bolts helps both the companies in the long run. Over the years, enterprises are leveraging the phenomenal business strategy to scale-up and accomplish their business goals.        

Monday, November 21, 2016

Honoured for playing a role in curbing crime against women by I&B Ministry

Explore the Mesmerizing Ladakh


Nestled in the State of J&K, the picturesque Ladakh is, and has been a paradise for tourists across the globe with incredible culture, and scenic valleys among others to explore. Extending from Kunlun mountain range to the Great Himalayas, the ‘White Desert’ is accessible via two prominent routes: Srinagar – Manali – Leh through J&K, and Manali – Leh through the State of HP. It’s a massive challenge to express the beauty of the region in words! Better witness it with your own eyes!   

The expedition to Ladakh paves way for a splendid occasion to witness the confluence of rich history and nature. There’s so much to explore and experience, stunning Nubra Vally, historic Leh Fort, and the breathtaking Pangong Lake to name a few.            

The rusty, bumpy motorable road, connecting Ladakh remains operational between May and October. Reasons are obvious!!! For the rest of the season, the traveler’s delight remains clad with nature’s blessing – the beautiful snow. That’s the reason; the Ladakh is also called as the ‘White Desert’.            

Why to go           

There are things in abundance in the lap of Ladakh to witness, experience, and explore. Monasteries, Gompas, Stupas, lakes, villages, valleys, sand dunes, and passes to name a few will remain etched in the memory of the visitor for long.

Attraction of the expedition       

Leh City, Kargil, Pangong Lake, Lamayuru Village and Monastery, Tsomoriri Lake, Sand Dunes at Hunder, Khartungla Pass, Gompas, Stupas, Nubra valley
What to explore  

Monasteries and Stupas 

Shey, Thiksey and Leh monasteries to name a few will keep your brain engaged with the rich culture and heritage of the striking region. Gompas, and Stupas will compel the visitor with an inclination for history to ponder over – who made it possible. 

Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake, offering soothing panorama to your body and soul will leave you in awe. Take a break on the bank to live the awesome moment. The stunning beauty, landscape of the lake makes it one of the most sought after spots among the visitors. Organize camp here; cherish every moment, indulging in camp fire, funny pranks and games. 

Village Exploration              

Village exploration adds another appealing point in your tour itinerary. Pay a visit to a village like Lamayuru to immerse absolutely in the rich culture of the Ladakh people, away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

Khardungla Pass

Traversing via bumping, rusty roads engulfed with stunning hills renders an experience of lifetime to riders. Ride through the Khardungla pass, the highest civilian motorable road in the world and feel the pleasure to be among the rare, who made it.      

What to do         

There are activities galore to do in the picturesque Ladakh region. Camping with campfire, mountaineering, group riding, and environment photography among others will keep you engaged in the hilly terrain. Basis your team’s requirement, you can plan and organize team games.   

Itinerary – Nine Nights and Ten Days

Depending on your time, you can plan your expedition to explore Ladakh. A ten day plan is recommended to witness the nature’s gift, the stunning Ladakh:         

Day 1 Arrival in Manali, Hotel Check In

Reach the venue; take your adorable bike with you to acclimatize with the terrain.   

Day 2 Manali - Jispa (150 km)

Starting from Rohtang Pass, you will begin your day two on a high note. Witness the natural beauty navigating through Lahaul Valley, snow clad mountains will keep you glued with their innocence. On the way, relish the country cuisines.            
Day 3 Jispa - Pang (150 km)

Enroute to Pang from Jispa, you will come across Baralachha Paaa, located at a height of 5000 meters.  Sarchu, the border line dividing J&K with Himachal will also mesmerize you with its natural flora and fauna.      

Day 4 Pang - Leh (ride 150 km)

The highlight of the day four will definitely be Tanglang-La Pass, the second-highest motorable mountain pass in the world, its located at the height of 5300 meters. Thiksey and Shey monasteries will compel you to explore, while heading for Pang. Experience to cherish forever!    

Day 5 – Leh

Day 5 will keep you engrossed with the beauty, culture, and heritage of Leh. Explore the streets, heritage; relish the mouthwatering Ladakh cuisines throughout the day.      

Day 6 Leh - Pangong Lake (ride 149 km)

Pangong Lake will be your first attraction on Day 6. Every moment experienced, and enjoyed there would linger in your memories for time immemorial. Afterward, you will come across Chang La, located at an altitude of 5500 meters. Army check-post at Tangse will be your another attraction for the day.        

Day 7 Pangong - Leh (ride 149 km)

Wake-up early in the morning, get ready to head backwards – Leh. Reach the city of Leh via tried and tested route. Enjoy rest of the day again exploring unexplored part of Leh. There’s so much, you wouldn’t give-up. The historical Leh Palace could be visited again.                

Day 8 Leh - Sarchu (ride 215 km)

Sarchu lies in between Manali and Leh. Drive safe, negotiating bumps, potholes and explore Sarchu.  

Day 9 Sarchu - Manali (ride 215 km)

Drive through the Rohtang pass via treacherous Lahaul ranges. Mini rivers will offer soothing landscape to your eyes. Take a break enroute to relish the cuisines. Enough photogenic things to be captured in your camera, uncover the lens to grab.            

Day 10 Manali

With Manali your tremendous 10-Days expedition comes to an end. Time spent, things explored will stay forever with you.      

So, what are you waiting for!!! If you are fond of exploring nature, why don’t you explore the beautiful Ladakh. You will cherish it forever.